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  • A beginner’s guide to pen making – part 3
    embellishments Now that you know how to make a basic pen, it’s time to discuss how we can add a little extra bling. Personally I like the elegance of a simple design in a pen, but there are many options if you would like to try something different. side note: […]
  • Turning segmented birds
    My latest youtube video shows how I turn my segmented birds. This certainly wasn’t my idea, I found pictures of this online while researching project ideas. I immediately fell in love with these little creations and found they’re a great way of using up scraps. The idea is to glue […]
  • A beginner’s guide to pen making – part 2
    Pen turning tools Like I mentioned in the overview, there are many tools for pen turners. Some are optional, but useful, others are needed. let’s start with the basic tools first. Obviously I’ll assume you are using a lathe as this is a tutorial series for beginning pen turners. Any […]
  • A beginner’s guide to pen making – part 1
    Overview on making a basic pen In the first part of this series I’ll show you all the steps involved into making a basic slimline pen. I’m using this as the kits are the easiest to find and make. The parts you have to make are identical so this keeps […]

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